The University of Washington Math REU – Apply By April 1st

University of Washington Math REU

Program dates: June 19th – August 11th


The application is submitted online through the link provided above. Information about letters of reference and resumes are within the application.


Inverse Problems, Algebraic Combinatorics, Networks, and Graph Theory, Summer, 2017

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington will be offering a summer research opportunity. The program will last for eight weeks, from June 19 until August 11 Participants will be introduced to research problems related to the problem of finding the resistors in a network from boundary measurements. Students in the program will be investigating and formulating discrete problems involving planar and non-planar networks and their relation to continuous inverse problems. Additional problems will come from the areas of algebraic combinatorics and computational number theory. Some papers that have been produced on these problems can be viewed from links on this page. Here are links to the announcement and 2017 application form



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