Irene and Eric Simon Brain Research Foundation -Apply By March 20th

IES Brain Research

2017 Fellowship Informational Flyer


This application is a paper application that must be sent to the address provided at the top of the application paper.

To be eligible for consideration, student must submit by mail; 6 complete, collated packets of all student plus faculty sponsor requirements and must be mailed together in one package by March 20th EACH COLLATED PACKET MUST INCLUDE in the following order: (NO STAPLES; only paper clips) From Student

  1. Legible application completely filled out (Typed or legibly printed)
  2. A one page personal statement of educational & career goals, and how the proposed summer research will advance both, plus how your project will benefit others.
  3. A resume, including summary of undergraduate (& graduate, if applicable) courses & grades (official transcript not necessary) and description of research experience (if any).
  4. Indicate any other sources & amounts of financial support applied for or available to you.
  5. Names, emails & contact info for all newspapers: local to where you grew up, are living, went to high school & college) plus any college newspapers, etc.
  6. Filled out teacher recognition form, indicating the person (school teacher or college professor who first most motivated you or inspired your interest in neuroscience/learning about the brain) plus by Faculty Sponsor:
  7. A short NIH type CV with selected publications
  8. A statement on letterhead describing the student applicant’s qualifications for the Summer Research Fellowship
  9. Description of the training that the student fellow will receive.
  10. Indicate how the research in his/her laboratory is funded.

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